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  • Cleaning Day At University Picturesque hidden object online free game by There is a cleaning day in the university. Students tidy up the library, lab and at front doo [...]
  • Beer Meister The crowd is thirsty and running in the bar. Throw beers to push them out and be aware to not break anything. Use cash to level up your skills.50 levels of beer [...]
  • Bumpy Racer Get ready for the bumpy ride… Play single player or Multi-Player unlock new levels and unlock new cars. Use Arrow keys to drive and space bar for nitro an [...]
  • Row Puzzle – Warehouse Row Puzzle is a new game by Flash Games. Use your mouse to drag the columns or rows of tiles to get back the original picture. Use your mouse to drag the column [...]
  • Chasm Play as a helpful (or vengeful) god who guides souls across an enormous chasm to safety before the world collapses. The world will end soon and monsters are thr [...]
  • Necronomicon – Book of Dead Names Battle once again against the Cthulhu Mythos of HP Lovecraft in this sequel to the Necronomicon Flash Card Game. Play creatures, characters, ancient tomes, and [...]
  • TypeRocket60 A 60 second typing skill game from MunsieGames! Type the letter on the rocket to explode it. How many rockets can you explode in 60 seconds? A 60 second typing [...]
  • Boom Noodle An interactive genetic music vizualizer. evolve colorful patterns to complement the music. Use the mouse and mouse-button to record drawing gestures for playbac [...]
  • Valet Parking Pro 2 Tame the cars at JFK Airport this time. Use your arrow keys to park the vehicle safely in the highlighted area. Use space to brake and Ctrl to turn on the upper [...]
  • Bird Fly A simple Flying game where you have to collect orbs and avoid obstacles to go to the next level. “Bird Fly” is a simple one-button game, you hold th [...]
Featured Games
  • Beady Eye – Snakes Beady Eye – Snakes
    Beady Eye:Snakes is a unique spot-the-difference game with action! When you find a differe [...]
  • Swervanoid Swervanoid
    Swervanoid is a fast paced action arcade collecting game. Swerve your way around the purpl [...]
  • Sameggs Sameggs
    It´s Easter-Time! Show how much you like Eastereggs in this beautiful little timewaster! P [...]
  • Forsaken Escape Forsaken Escape
    You have been having bad dreams lately. Each night they begin to feel more and more real. [...]
  • Dodge the Squares 2 Dodge the Squares 2
    Dodge The Squares 2 is now here! Avoid the accelerating rectangles with your growing squar [...]
  • hammer jerry 2 hammer jerry 2
    Simple ‘whack a mole’ style game. . . but with Jerry fire: left mouse movement [...]
  • Gummy Pop Gummy Pop
    Gummy Pop. Try to pop all the candy bears with your spinning acorn. Another “Silly L [...]
  • Modern Rapunzel Modern Rapunzel
    Mouse control. Just like Rapunzel in fairy tale, this cute girl loves to wear long locks. [...]
  • Alone duck on the tree puzzle Alone duck on the tree ..
    Alone duck on the tree puzzle Game. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  • Princess on Swing Princess on Swing
    dress-up the lovely princess on the swing VN:F [1.9.22_1171]Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
  • Fury Car Racing Fury Car Racing
    Wonder what Pro racer do to improve their total speed and performance?… Well heres w [...]
  • Underwater Adventure Hidden Object Underwater Adventure ..
    You go scuba diving to find different types of fish. Find the hidden fishes in short durat [...]
Featured Games
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